Posted by: winslie | January 25, 2013

Gr8 Post on Hamilton

The Ryanblog!

Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes future.

Lewis Hamilton will drive for Mercedes next season” – If you would have uttered that sentence this time last year, the entire sporting world would have called the men in white coats to have you sectioned. However, Lewis Hamilton will indeed drive for Mercedes in the 2013 season and the two following seasons after that. While this frankly remarkable story is still tough to digest for some, the fact of the matter is, on the first day of the new Formula One season; Lewis Hamilton will be speeding round Melbourne’s Albert Park in a Mercedes AMG Petronas.

When this remarkable deal was announced that Hamilton was to leave the consistently competitive McLaren team, for the hugely underperforming German outfit back in September, fans and critics alike were left mystified as to why the 2008 World Champion would leave such a bankable car, to take…

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