Posted by: winslie | November 14, 2012

Savita Halappanavar dies for what? Catholicism.

‘I held her hand. They pumped her heart. The doctor just told me they lost her’: Agony of husband who watched his pregnant wife, 31, die from blood poisoning after Irish doctors refused to perform an abortion

  • Savita Halappanavar, 31, was found to be miscarrying when she was admitted to Galway University Hospital
  • The dentist, who was 17 weeks pregnant, was denied a medical termination despite being in ‘agonising pain’
  • Mrs Halappanavar, who went on to suffer a miscarriage, developed septicaemia and died on October 28
  • Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has come under renewed pressure to legislate for abortion
  • A demonstration is due to take place outside the Irish parliament building tonight
  • Abortion is illegal in the Republic of Ireland

Read more: [here]

Sunday 21 October:

Patient presents to hospital complaining of backpain.

Patient is admitted with a threatened miscarriage to the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit.

Monday 22 October:

After 24 hours of admission, antibiotics are given.

Tuesday 23 October:

Patient transferred to theatre.

Spontaneous miscarriage occurs.

Wednesday 24 October: 

Post-theatre patient is transferred to Intensive Care Unit.

Patient remains unwell.

Thursday-Saturday 25-27 October:

Patient continues to deteriorate.

Sunday 28 October:

Patient dies in ICU.

Post mortem examination ordered by coroner.


Timeline credit to RTE



  1. […] Savita Halappanavar dies for what? Catholicism. ( […]

  2. […] Savita Halappanavar dies for what? Catholicism. ( […]

  3. painful incident 😦 but how did you collect this info?

    • Heard on the news while driving (reported as Irish woman died in hospital). Plus it’s on the twitter feed.

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