Posted by: winslie | October 16, 2012

Um, That’s Not Fair

A Broad At Home

Dutch primatologist and ethologist Frans de Waal organized a study about ten years ago involving monkeys, capuchins, specifically, and equally pay. He found that these primitive mammals would not stand for unequal pay and when given a task would no longer accept payment unless it was equal to that of their cohorts. Recently, he and his scientists performed the same study with fresh monkeys to see if the principle still held. Turns out, these capuchins believe in equal pay just as much as the previous generation.

In his study, each monkey is given a rock and asked to return it. Upon receipt of the token they get a slice of cucumber. The monkeys are completely content with this water-logged prize and will repeat the task at least 25 times. At this point, one of the monkeys is given a shiny purple grape in return for performing the task. Watch the…

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